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In the past decade, there has been a tremendous worldwide increase in the popularity of cosmetic surgery, especially with baby-boomers and Montreal is no exception. We can now offer patients smaller scars, procedures with less intervention and consequently, less discomfort and a faster recovery time. There has also been a rapid rate of progress in non-surgical skin care treatments which now allow the patient to “turn back the clock” without the need for an operation.

Unfortunately, the rising popularity of cosmetic surgery has also spawned a veritable explosion of practitioners in the field. You must therefore be aware that not everyone who practices cosmetic surgery is a fully certified plastic surgeon.

We, at The Westmount Institute of Plastic Surgery, in Montreal, do not take lightly your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery - and nor should you. Dr. Papanastasiou advises you, the prospective patient, to not only be very diligent in your research of your particular procedure, but of your surgeon as well.

Dr. Papanastasiou took an undergraduate degree in University over the course of five years, followed by a medical degree over four more years. He then took an additional seven years in specialty training in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. During this latter training he learned not only the basic science of his specialty but also the artistic foundation needed to reconstruct a part of the human body.

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