Post-Operative Instructions – Rhinoplasty (Surgery of The Nose)

Please purchase 1/4" non-allergic tape and 2"X2" gauze required for the first 24 - 72 hrs. following surgery.

Expect swelling and black and blue discoloration around the eyes, which are likely and may be worse the second or third morning after surgery.  A certain amount of bleeding from the nose occurs which will gradually stop. The "nasal diaper" gauze can be changed, as needed.

You may be uncomfortable, but you should have minimal pain. Sleep with your head elevated on two (2) pillows for two weeks after your surgery. You can also use a reclining chair.

You may get up to go to the bathroom and for meals. Brush teeth gently (Water Pick is excellent.)

After the first two (2) days almost anything can be eaten. However, soft foods require less chewing and will seem easier to manage.

You may gently wash your face around the splint with a cloth and plain water. You may clean around the base of your nose with Q-Tips and warm water (do not, however, insert anything inside the nostrils). After the splint or steristrips have been removed you may clean the periphery each nostril once a day with Q-Tips soaked in a solution of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water. Following removal of the steristrips or splint, wash the nose gently twice daily with any mild soap. You may resume your normal facial care at this time. You may shower as soon as the steristrips/splint are off, but avoid putting your face in the full force of the shower spray. Facial and eye make-up may be used as soon as the nasal splint is removed.

Do not blow your nose for the first two weeks after your surgery.

For patients wearing glasses, these can initally be placed directly on the splint. Once the splint is removed the glasses must not rest on the nose itself (they can be taped on the forehead). The glasses must not rest directly on the nose for a period of 6 weeks after the surgery. Contact lenses can usually be inserted on the day after surgery.

Avoid strenuous exercise and activities for four (4) weeks. At that time sports that do not require physical contact (swimming, tennis, golf, etc) are permitted. Physical contact sports such as volleyball, football, wrestling, etc. are prohibited for six (6) weeks.

Avoid driving an automobile while taking your painkillers.

Moderate bleeding from the nose is very rare and usually not serious. Should it occur, try to remain calm, tilt your head back and have someone call our office.

Take a shower the day you are scheduled to come to the office for splint removal. It is important to get the splint wet. This loosens the splint and makes it easier to remove.

You will be given a prescription for pain medicine, take this only when you are having discomfort. Do not take your pain killers on an empty stomach. DO NOT TAKE ANY ASPIRIN or any medications containing aspirin for the first two weeks prior and after surgery. Aspirin interferes with normal blood clotting. Tylenol is a good substitute for aspirin. In case of persistent vomiting or nausea, use Gravol in a suppository form.


V.W. Papanastasiou, MD, CM, MSc, FRCSC

I had a successful breast surgery on May 24th 2016. Through the information sessions to the surgery and post surgery every single staff I dealt with was professional nice and patient. Dr. Papanastasiou is a great surgeon, professional, patient with a beautiful smile. I wish I had the surgery long time ago.....Big thank to Dr. Papanastasiou, God bless you Doctor!! Thank you so much Francoise, Stephanie, Michele and the young ladies at the reception and everyone who was in the surgery room. A big hug and thanks to NANCY the wonderful Nurse who took care of me in the recovery room, this great lady put her heart in what she does!!!! God bless you all.

"I recently had a breast lift and implants put in by Dr. P and his team. The results are wonderful, very natural and I love them. His team was fantastic, very professional and kind. I would definitely recommend Dr P and his clinic!"

"I recommend Dr. Papanastasiou, he is very kind and professional and best technology I've seen after going to loose my money to get evaluations with other doctors I came back. I had breast augmentation and asked for a natural look and that' s exactly what I got! From A to Z my experience was excellent! I also did lipo and I barely got bruises and no pain, he has magic hands :-)"

"About 4 weeks ago I had lower eye surgery for bags and wrinkles. I was initially a little nervous about the procedure but after speaking with him he made me feel at ease and I felt this was the right decision for me. The procedure took about 1 hour and I was back at work 1 week later with just some minor bruising on my cheeks. I was very impressed with Dr. Papanastasiou. He was very professional and I am extremely satisfied with the results. After the procedure he also called me that night to see how I was doing. I was extremely impressed. I would have no problem seeing him again for any procedure and would easily recommend him. Thank you again Dr. Papanastasiou"

"Two years ago I decided to have breast augmentation and a full rhinoplasty. I went to see Dr. Papanastasiou and felt immediately comfortable with him and his staff and confident that he was the best doctor to do the work. It turns out that I needed a revision (to correct minor issues) for both surgeries (breasts and nose) and I was met with understanding and openness. Dr. Papanastasiou and his staff were very accommodating and compassionate! There were no hassles or arguments regarding the need for the revisions and this was very reassuring! I'm extremely pleased with the results of both surgeries and I'm grateful to have been in Dr. Papanastasiou's care ☺️"